Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So I survived!

The Turner's first camping trip!

So camping ended up being a truly wonderful experience. I had so many reservations that stemmed from a fear of the unknown but I am over them. We camped at a location on the Ocoee called "River Rats" and there was a pretty large group of us. The group aged from 2-late 50's and had a great time. We rafted the Hiwassee on Saturday, Cutler thought it was awesome to go down the waterfalls, and then the men kayaked and rafted the Nantahala on Sunday. We grilled,ate, slept, ate, talked, ate, played and then made S'Mores! YUM!!! I weighed in this morning and gained a little weight from the excursion but nothing a disciplined week won't take care of. I forgot to take pics until Sunday when the boys went down the Nantahala and yesterday as we were packing up camp but at least there are few for Proof!This was Anthony's first trip down the river alone and I think he is totally hooked now, and I am sure there are many more camping/rafting trips to come. Enjoy!

Anthony on the Nantahala.

Group on Nantahala.




Group getting ready to leave...(no showers prior to this pic)

And I can not leave this one out. We had about 8 tents set up and one guy came in an RV, Cutler and his buddy GA decided to drive the RV before we left yesterday (I think they worked on a plan all weekend for this one).

We bought Cutler a T-Shirt from the Hiwassi Outdoor store to show off at school since he went white water rafting this weekend. here is a pic from this morning about to go in to school.

Anthony took some pics with the waterproof camera on the water so as soon as those are loaded I will post more.



Yo, said...

I'm so glad yall had fun!! That looks like a blast. Cutler is so stinking cute in that last picture.

Brian and Mattea Pavlick said...

Aww...I'm glad ya'll had a good time. It looks like a blast. Have a great week! Love ya!

countrypeapie said...

Okay -- just based on the look you gave me when you discovered how often my family camps, i am VERY impressed that you not only survived, but also enjoyed, your first ever tent camping experience!