Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh my my what a beautiful bride...

So this weekend was Cutler's first wedding, my younger cousin from Prattville was married at 6pm Saturday night and Cutler was the ring bearer. He did a fabulous job! We headed down to Prattville Friday night for the rehearsal and dinner and ended up back at my cousin Tiffany's house around 9 or so. After everyone was comfortable in their pajamas, we decided to play Rock Band. This was my first Rock Band experience and man oh man it was awesome. I rocked the drums to some Bon Jovi and loved it! Saturday was the wedding itself and besides a few family drama situations, it all went well. Here are some pics for you to enjoy.

and here are a few of our family

Mom, Charlie, and Cutler
Dad, Dena, and Cutler


Martha said...

Cutler is just too dang cute!! I love him in his tux!

Brian and Mattea Pavlick said...

OMG! He is too cute! He looks like a little man.

Anthony, Lori and Cutler Turner said...

Check it out, they used fishing lures instead of flowers for the men's boutonnieres!!!!