Monday, September 29, 2008

Pre-Birthday Dinner and such

Cutler went to Selma this weekend to stay with his G and PamPaw so Anthony and I took the opportunity to do some things we have been wanting to do. Jennifer came by Saturday around lunch so we could catch up and she could show me her ring...again, I am so excited she is engaged.We ate lunch at a fabulous little cafe on the Alabaster/Pelham line called The Red Geranium. I had a smoked turkey and mozzarella panini and oh my goodness! the mozzarella was fresh and it had tiny little pieces of tomato and basil on it and in my opinion it was a little slice of heaven. Later in the day, Anthony took me to McCormick and Schmick for dinner, kind of a pre-30th-birthday dinner of sorts.

I had BBQ Shrimp and Grits and A had a fillet, shrimp scampi and their signature vanilla creme brulee. All of this was absolutely wonderful. During dinner we decided we are going to start going to a different restaurant every 3 months or so for date night, we have not had date night in over a year and we rarely make time to do that anymore. We did have to talk to Cutler while we were there, no way we could go all night without talking to him!

Anthony on the phone with Cutler:

Lori's dinner:

Anthony's Dinner:The dessert tray:Anthony's choice for dessert:Since I did not order dessert, I ate the strawberry off Anthony's:After dinner Anthony and I went to Academy to purchase a few items for Cutler's room. Here is what it looks like now:

And finally, a picture of a very happy Cutler in his "new room" as he calls it.

Get ready for a new camping story soon...we are headed back out into the woods in two weeks!



Yo, said...


I had lunch at the Red Geranium on Saturday, too!! How funny!

I got it to go, and Julie, Riley, Garrett and I took it to Oak Mountain and had a nice picnic.

Congrats to Jennifer! Good for her!

And Happy pre-30th birthday to you!

The Austins said...

We will keep C any time! You guys need to date!!!

Also--you are the ONLY person I know that takes pictures of the food at restaurants (especially with the waiter still STANDING there!!!). How funny!

We love y'all.

grace said...

Your lunch sounds absolutely like heaven
Too cute! I love his room. Also, I think Cutler has Anthony's eyes.