Thursday, August 28, 2008

Camping for the first time

This week has been one of the craziest weeks ever. The beginning of the week was used to prepare for a publisher visit on Wednesday and Thursday, followed directly by sitting in a conference room all day Wednesday with said publisher and not feeling like a damn thing was accomplished. Wednesday night my grandparents from Palm beach came into town to spend the night on their way back home. My grandmother is a nurse and signs a contract every summer in some random state where they spend a few months. This time it was Washington State and it seems like they had a great time. We had a good visit last night but back to work early this morning we go. Today said publisher is still in town and will surely make us endure another day like yesterday. I have plans to take a different client to dinner tonight and they asked for something hip and edgy. Now you all know that I am not the "hip and edgy" type, I am more low key and relaxed so this has become a challenge. Looks like I am taking them to Sol Y Luna or Fire and Ice, the decision has yet to be made. So after a long night of dinner and drinks tonight I must go home and finish packing for my very first camping trip.

Now I have never camped in a tent, camper, RV or anything less than a cabin at summer camp so this should be very interesting. I love the outdoors and you all know I have no problems getting dirty but I seem to still have reservations about this whole camping thing. We are going to Tennessee and camping in tents on the Ocoee, we plan to raft the Hiwassee on Saturday and the men are rafting the Nantahala on Sunday. I promise to take lots of pictures and post them no matter how embarrassing they may be. Cutler seems to be very excited about this trip, I mean, why not, he is going to be outside all day and night for four days and be dirty the whole time. What's not to love in a two year olds eyes.

So I think I have everything in order and am ready for my first big adventure in a tent, wish us luck. I will most likely not post again until Monday.



Yo, said...

Have fun in all the nature and the bugs and the wild animals! I know Cutlerman will have a blast. Anthony will be adaptable to any environment I think. But you? Hmmmm. I can't wait to hear this story. hehehe