Friday, September 26, 2008

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.....oh and Wedding Bells too!

A few of you have called over the past few days and I have not been available to answer so I think it is time for me to explain myself, but before I do I have BIG, WONDERFUL, GIGANTIC, SHOW STOPPING news......

My best friend in the whole wide world (Jennifer, for those of you who can not figure that out)
is ENGAGED, I am not sure who is happier, me or her....

You see, we have been best friends for about 20 years or so and I think I have helped her plan out a bazillion imaginary weddings over those twenty years. Well most of them were in the first 3 or 4 years. I think this is my next motivator to continue losing weight. I am still down my 44 pounds but this will encourage me to keep going, seeing as I have to wear a PINK bridesmaid dress with a BOW on my butt....

Now for this week:

Yesterday I was in Chicago for work, we started the day off with a 7 am flight out of the Ham, directly proceeded by an hour cab ride into "The City". We had a meeting, some lunch and walked a little and off to the train we went. After an hour and a half train ride, we walked about 2 miles to our next destination to meet some more. Now comes the hour and a half cab ride back to the airport followed directly by another two hour flight home. Note to self: you worked at least 16 hours on Thursday so why in the world are you even in your office today.

I took a few pics along the way for your enjoyment!

This is the view from the outdoor cafe we ate lunch at, and below is the menu.

I took this one while walking to the train station.

Sears Tower.

Random shot while riding train.


grace said...

I love your shot of the Sears Tower and tell Jennifer I said congratulations!!!