Friday, August 27, 2010

Week one complete!

So as you know I decided to start the C25K program once again this week. Today is the official end of week one and I feel pretty good. So I ask myself a question, why don't I feel great? Let me tell you is because I have passed the milestone of being 30! that's why! During the first week I have experienced a mild case of Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints and super tight calf muscles. To quote a friend of mine, 30 likes to bitch-slap a sister!!!!
Even though I am experiencing the above, I plan to keep on going. Our family is heading to TN this afternoon to spend the weekend with some great friends in celebration of the upcoming birth of Ms. Jenna Suerstedt. Pics to come soon...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

am I back?

Not too sure yet! I don't have the desire to blog but I do need to try as many of you have asked if I have fallen off the earth at this point. Well, I haven't, not yet anyway. So I think I am gonna start fresh and not worry about a huge update blog as I have no time for that so here's to starting over!

Yesterday a friend of mine and I decided to start training for a 5K, now this is by far not the first time either of us has trained for one but it is the first time we have decided to train together. Now I am not sure how well this is going to work but we are both very optimistic about the end results. you see, we have a long history together and many parts of our personality are very similar. One in particular is that little thing called COMPETITIVENESS! So there is a very good chance that over the next 6 months one of us could very well DIE!!!! and I don't mean think we are dying but really DIE!!!! once that competitiveness sets in we will be pushing each other to the limit and sometimes we don't know when to quit. But we both realize this and hopefully will be able to reign this in just in time to stay alive for a little while longer.
We did indeed start our training yesterday and all was good. the only issue I am experiencing (due to little to no exercise in the last year) is a little heel pain that I will treat and hopefully it will subside very soon. So until next time...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Domino's House Party

Not sure how it happened but I was chosen to host a Domino's House party this past week. I did apply for it but luck of the draw was the only reason I won. Domino's sent me a $75 gift card, a game called "You Gotta Be Kidding" and some coupons. What I was to do in return is host a party, order all 6 of the new American Legends pizzas and play the game. Since things have been so busy in my life, I decided the best place to host this party is work. I ordered the pizza on Sunday and the Customer Service group had a Domino's House party on Monday for lunch. It was great, the game was fun and the new pizzas were awesome (and this is coming from someone who does not care for pizza)!!

Fun was had by all and I am glad we had a chance to sample all of this fabulous pizza!


What a busy few weeks...

The Turner family has been super busy over the last few weeks thus no blog posts for me. My camera finally decided to start working again so I have some new pics for you. First off we had Anthony's 30Th birthday party shortly after he came home from Boston, just family but it was fun. Anthony received some great gifts to add to his kayaking stash (it is almost complete, 4 more things to go).

I have spent a lot of time on the road for work lately, Baltimore, Alexandria and DC. Here are a few pics I took of the George Washington Masonic Memorial last week from the train station in Alexandria:
And on to Father's Day, which we spent in Selma with my dad.
Most of Saturday was spent at a friends house on the river in the pool. Anthony took the kayak out for a test drive in the pool and we went on a fabulous boat ride.
Cutler is ready to start boating! Ha! No way he will be doing that for many more years...
Oh my, he is MY child! (notice the tattoo on his arm!!!!)
Well for this coming weekend, Cutler is going to hang with G and Pampaw, Anthony is going to River Rats with Jason and Megan to run the Hiwassee and I am leaving for Orlando on Sunday not to return until Tuesday. The whole family will then leave on Thursday afternoon heading to Tennessee to spend the Fourth of July with some amazing friends, Megan and Jason, Katie and George, Christa and J! Upon our return, I will be packing once again! heading to Chicago on Tuesday. This should conclude the majority of my travels for the next month. We are planning a beach trip and Anthony and I plan to spend our 10Th wedding anniversary (I know, scary right?) in New York this year...wish us luck!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How can you fall off the wagon when you were not really on it in the first place????

So running, not happening! I am going to try again but my motivation is shot. I am overwhelmed with work, life, family, SBA and others right now and feel like making the time to run is on the bottom of my list. how do I get it back toward the top? I need to do it in the morning, first thing. I need to get out of bed at least 30 minutes earlier than I do now and Just Do It! But that bed is so warm and comfortable in the mornings, I truly dread letting my feet hit the floor. I used to not sleep well and when it was time to get up, I got up. Now I am sleeping better and just don't want to get up. Hopefully the motivation will come back soon, we all know I need it to.
Update on the bully...
Cutler is no longer being bullied, his teacher was wonderful when Anthony asked her about it and they moved Cutler to another table that same day. No longer can the little mean-spirited, red-headed, freckle-faced meanie-pants pick on my precious little boy. Did I mention that he probably out-weighs her by 10 pounds and is a good head taller than her? I think it is time for him to enroll in a street fighting class or something, he needs to get roughed up! (and not by a little girl).


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Running update

Well I did it Monday night, I completed two miles in less than 25 minutes so I was happy. Was being the operative word, I am not happy right now. I am procrastinating, the treadmill is calling, slash that! yelling, and I have been yelling four letter word right back at it! I do want to run but I just can't make myself get down there and do it! So who knows if I will or will not tonight, we will just have to see.
Cutler update...
His little bully buddy, Reagan, is still being a bully. She punched him in the tummy today and he told me she did not even get in trouble. If you know me, you know what I am thinking...I am going to be at that school in the morning and have a little talk with the teacher. Well, I thought about it and decided to let it go for one more day. I am going to ask Anthony to ask them about it in the morning and if I am not satisfied with that then I WILL be going to the school on Friday morning to speak with his teacher regarding what will be done about this BULLY! I am not happy, but I am pretty sure you know that by now. So if you were me, what would you do? I don't want my kid to get kicked out of school because of his mommy but I sure as hell do not want him to get bullied everyday and end up not loving Big Boy School...I need some mommy help on this one.


Monday, June 1, 2009


In more ways than one!
Seems like the last week or so has flown by, we spent most of the weekend at home working in the yard and washing cars but it still flew by.
A friend of mine who used to run like a maniac, like 7 days a week, has taken a running hiatus for the last few years but decided to start back up again. This friend is NOT me.
I took up running a couple of years ago, but not maniac style, and have recently taken a longer hiatus than I wished for. So, she started running again and has asked me to start up again so we can do a few races here goes. Tonight is the night! I will start the treadmill up and again start the cycle! Part of me is very excited and part of me dreads this worse than bathing suit shopping, which by the way is much less devastating with a TAN. Back to the subject, tonight is the night, running, running like the wind. Or in my case running like a turtle. Let's see how it goes, I plan to get two miles in tonight by alternating running and walking. I am pretty sure I will regret that tomorrow but what the hell! I might even do a few crunches and write out a new diet since I am getting my ass back on the band wagon. Breathing seems to be my biggest obstacle, I need to learn to breathe right without focusing on it the entire time. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. So the band wagon starts tonight, listening to some PINK disco- logy and running, maybe this will inspire me to write in this blog a little more but who knows.

Oh I do have a Cutler update. He started "big boy" school last week and so far he seems to love it, even with a mean ass kid named Reagan in his class. This chick pushed him off a tricycle on his second day, seems she is a little of a bully. Believe it or not, my kid is super passive (unlike his mother) and just lets things roll off his back. BUT, he does tend to bring them up again time and time again as if he is holding a slight grudge (now this is just like his mama). One day, just one day, I hope he becomes a very balanced mix of myself and his father. Passive to a point but a little hot under the collar and not afraid to take up for himself. You know as well as I do that if I was being bullied in 3K, that chick would have no teeth! But luckily my son has no chance of getting kicked out of pre-school due to fighting, his only chance of getting kicked out might just be his mother's mouth!