Monday, September 15, 2008

Cult Members...sign up here!

OK so I promised pics and more info on Kid's Market but I have no pics, so info will have to do. Kid's Market is a consignment sale that happens twice a year. A friend, who we will nickname K, and I attend this event every year. So here goes how it works:

  • Sign your life away as a kids market cult member(virtually) forever
  • Sign up at to get a contributor number
  • Find all gently worn clothing and shoes as well as any toys that are in working order that your child no longer needs and put them in one place
  • Decide what you want to price all said items (not yard sale prices but not department store)
  • Print tags online and follow instructions on the website to get your items ready
  • Once all items are hung, pinned, taped, bagged, stuffed and pinned again, you can relax
  • Go to bed really early the night before Receiving Day
  • Drive to the drop off location and try to arrive prior to 3:30 am (no I am not kidding)
  • Go to the front and sign in to get your contributor number (this number could be considered gold in some eyes)
  • Sleep in the car with buddy (it seems normal if you have a buddy)
  • Wake up in time to line up according to above mentioned number to take your items in
  • Sign the "REAL" cult contract
  • Go home and sleep most of the day away

All of the above was done for this:

  • You are now a contributor and get to shop prior to the public
  • If you are in the first 200 (which I am, thank you very much) you will shop first and get dibs on the good stuff, aka... a big power wheels four-wheeler for $50 last year!
  • We shop on October 2 from 4pm-midnight
  • I end up buying most of C's clothes and shoes for the fall and winter here
  • I usually spend about $150 and when I receive my check for the items I sell it is very close to the same amount
  • After my initial investment of $150, the first time I shopped, I am basically breaking even time and time again and getting great name brand clothes for $1 a piece

Here are a few pics from a prevoius kids market:

Now there are some of you out there that think I have lost my mind for doing this but it has become something I actually enjoy. I have never been a bargain shopper in my life, but since I had a child I have taken it on as a hobby. I love a good hunt for a bargain!