Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wow, what a week!

I know I have not posted in sometime but swear I have a very good reason! It is called being a single mom and everything that could go wrong HAS!

I came home last Thursday evening from work to find Boss with a swollen, bloody foot! It freaked me out but he let me look at it and it looked like he cut it really bad and split his toenail. So I called the vet Friday morning who said they could work me in Friday afternoon. I rushed home from work, had to call Mattea to pick Cutler up from school, wrestled Boss in the front of my truck and listened Cowboy cry in the backyard! We get to the vet and Boss is a little nervous, there are no other big dogs in the waiting room but he is not "fixed" and there were some other non-"fixed" males in there as well. So Boss proceded to spray both of my feet as if he were marking his territory! Now let me remind you that there are no other large dogs in the waiting room, he is the largest by at least 80 pounds but still sees the need to mark me! WTF???

We see the vet who is able to look at his foot a little closer and finds that he has a tumor in his foot that he has irritated. So surgery it is. now I talked the vet into letting me take him back home with me Friday night and bringing him back at 6:30 Saturday morning so I would not have to deal with a crying Cowboy all night. Boss did great, I picked him up around lunch time Saturday and was told to change his bandages everyday for at least a week to allow time for healing.
I guess now that this wound is healing, Boss feels the need to lick it and well...he can't because it is wrapped up. So everyday when I get home, the bandage is in 100 pieces on the porch and Boss is a happy as a lark. But not today, nope that will not happen today (at least it better not). Check out the pic:

That's right DUCKTAPE!

I put medicine on it, packed it with gauze, wrapped it with athletic tape, put one of Cutler's socks on it, then wrapped it with Duck Tape! I will let you know what it looks like when I get home today!

Oh, and since Boss was wearing one of Cutler's socks, he decided to wear the other one and one that he thought matched! Check this out, Cutler with mis-matched socks, 2 sizes too small pj's, wet hair from the shower, and a dog with duck tape on his foot!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm Certified

And by that I do not mean crazy, even though many will disagree on that subject. After weeks of studying my butt off and stressing out I got my EMC Proven Professional certification. I start my more specialized courses for the next for weeks starting with our Clariion system. This should make the time go by much faster. We went and celebrated Saturday night after the test in Providence, RI and had a blast. It is interesting to see how people from different states and areas of the world act when going out to dinner and a night on the town.

The coming weekends will be busy as we all try and do different things, we are looking at going to New York in a couple of weekends.


Monday, April 20, 2009

He passed...

Anthony called me this morning and he passed his course exam! he is very happy but has one more test this coming Saturday. After this he will be able to relax and have a little fun!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

1 week down 6 more to go!!

Just to give you guys an update I am doing good up here in Yankee country. The guys are great, the instructor is awesome, and I actually got to get some sleep last night. So far this week I have been getting out of class, eat dinner, and then study until roughly 1 or 2 in the morning. The course is kicking my butt, but I think I am getting it and understanding all the nice acronyms they throw at us. I think I learned about 100 of them this week. Some are easy to remember like DAE (disk array enclosure) and others that just have weird names like FLOGI, which means Fabric Login, why they dropped the N off the end of login is beyond me but whatever.

We have officially finished the first of the two books for class. I feel like brain overload is happening some days and expect to wake up one morning with my brain on my pillow because it leaked out. We have another week of this intense training and then next Monday have a course test with the big certification test to follow on that Saturday the 25th. I dread having to go in on a Saturday at 9 to take a test but after that if I pass I think I will finally be able to relax. It also doesn't help that it has rained almost every day since I got here. Last Saturday when I went to Boston it was cold and rainy, Sunday when I was too tired from the day before walking it was nice and sunny, go figure. Since then every night we get a nice full night of rain and most days too. I think I will have to find a tanning bed soon if I don't get some sun soon because this gets depressing. Well I am off to rewrite notes, make a presentation for Monday and reread everything again.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Wow what a day...I actually got my ass kicked today!

So the day started out OK, Cutler was in a great mood, it is Good Friday and work was actually decent.

But things went downhill fast! I had to fire yet another Executive Director of the Spina Bifida Association but this one went fairly well. I guess as well as could be expected!
I went by Mattea's house to pick Cutler up and things were still looking good. Cutler had been great all day and his finger looks so much better. We then came home and ate a little lunch and I put Cutler down for a nap, once he was down I ventured downstairs to get a little laundry started and saw something glistening in the downstairs bathroom. It was WATER, all over the floor. Now this has happened in the past but my Mr. Fix It has always been home to well...fix it!
This time I called a plumber, set me back $200 but at least we will not have a flooded house in the near future.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Anthony was scheduled to get his first paycheck today but since it is coming from ADP they could not direct deposit it so they mailed an actual check and guess what, that's right folks it was NOT in the mailbox today.
So while the plumber is fixing our problems I decided to tackle something I swore I would never attempt, transforming an Optimus Prime Tranformer. They say these things are rated for 5+ years old but I can guarantee they never asked someone over 15 to attempt to transform the damn things. This morning Cutler wanted to take this particular one to Teta's house but he only wanted to take it if it was transformed into a car and at that moment it was still in robot form. Anyways, I tackled this thing while the plumber was here and it literally kicked my ass! In the end I won of course because mama ALWAYS wins! Here is an after pic, I didn't think to take a before pic as I was sure I would never succeed at transforming this thing and I am damn sure not turning it back into robot form in fear that Cutler will demand it be transformed back into a car....

OK it may not look that hard but please feel free to come over anytime and transform any of the thirty others in this house and I promise you will say words you wish you never knew!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cutler had a date...and a possible broken finger

Since Anthony has been gone we decided to meet Nora (the 3 year old girlfriend) at the park on Wednesdays. Here is a pic from yesterday.

When I arrived at school I was informed that Cutler hit his finger on the wall and it was swelling a little. By the time we went to bed last night it was horrible and looked like this:
I think it is just jammed really bad, he is not complaining about it but we will be keeping an eye on it for a few more days!

Anthony is doing well but studying for a tremendous amount of hours daily, he has a fairly important test in a few weeks but I have no doubt he will pass with flying colors!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Follow the red brick road

Well yesterday me and Chris took the train from Franklin to Boston, mainly to avoid trying to navigate the streets up there and find parking. It was a fun day and I am using today to rest since my legs are sore from the all the walking we did. We were thinking of going to Cape Cod today but a lot of the guys went out drinking last night and didn't get back until about 3am so most of them are still sleeping. We walked the Freedom Trail which is quite a hike since the little bricks you follow disappear sometimes and there are only a few signs that point you in the right direction. We did travel the whole trail and ended with the Bunker Hill Memorial which is the tall building below. This thing whipped my butt. It is a spiral staircase with 294 steps to the top, and for those that do not believe me there is a picture from the entrance area of the memorial and picture from the top.

We took a tour of a WWII battleship and saw too many graves to count. All in all it was a good day. My only problem was that it was a little cold, rained a little on us, and wind was blowing like crazy. They call Chicago the windy city but I think this took the cake it was horrible. Especially when the wind would blow a nice amount of sand up in your eyes from the roads. Well I will post some more in the days to come if I can.


Friday, April 3, 2009

2 days down, 50 more to go

Since I promised to let everyone know what is going on with me way up here in the North here goes. The past two days of class have actually been fun. Did some various icebreakers and opening up activities but it was not too bad. I have made several new friends now from all over. In the class we there are 28 of us. We have 2 guys from Australia, Saudi Arabia, Poland, the UK, and Switzerland. There is also a guy from Russia that is working in the NYC office. Me and Chris the guy from the UK are teamed up on the rental car and he wants to see as much as he can while here so we will be trying to see what we can when we can. This is our only free weekend for at least 2 weeks because we have the SUPER cram for the exam weeks coming up. Basically we have to see about 1000+ powerpoint slides along with learning 2 books worth of information, the books are about 400 pages each so come Monday you guys might not hear much from me.

For the free weekend we are planning to head to Boston for the day tomorrow and try and see as much as we can. Sunday we might head down to Cape Cod or Providence. The biggest problem is figuring out where to go since we will have about 5 weekends that we can do something and that is if we do not have to study too hard after the exam. I will try and post again this weekend with where I have been.


The little things in life

I ran by Subway for lunch and this was what I saw parked next to me.


The things we do...

I was so sick yesterday that I actually did not go to work and stayed in bed until almost noon. When I finally arose, I decided to go to the doc and turns out I am suffering from severe allergies. So I got a few shoe which included a steroid. Now when I get a steroid shot I tend to think I am SUPERWOMAN! So I picked Cutler up early from school and thought what a great afternoon to fly a kite... and in Cutler's words, "that kite was SUPER AWESOME!"

We did a few things around the house and then Cutler read his daddy a bedtime story over the web cam, it was so CUTE.

This morning I remembered C had a carpet burn on the top pf his foot from falling at school yesterday so I asked him if we could put medicine on it and a band aid. Let's just say that did NOT go over well and he told me only babies need band aids. So to prove him wrong I told him I needed a band aid (I had no boo-boo on my foot but swiped some lipstick on it to make it look like one) and he needed to put it on my foot. So enjoy the pic...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Home sweet hotel

Ok I am finally here in Boston and just finished unpacking. I will post pictures later tonight or tomorrow of the room. The room is tiny but this will be my home for the next 52 nights. I am now off to find target and something to eat.


April Fool's Day !

You know really sucks for your husband to have to fly out on April Fool's Day to be gone for 2 months. As most of you know, Anthony has gone to Boston for training for the month of April and May! SO today has just sucked...

I must say that I was very surprised by my employees yesterday as they pulled an April Fool's joke on me a day early. Check it out:
I was shocked, surprised and proud of them all in one. This took a lot of teamwork, effort and planning on their part. I have been consistently working late and coming in before most of them so they had to do some serious planning to pull this one off!
Anthony should start posting about his journey in Boston soon, be on the lookout for those!