Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wow, what a week!

I know I have not posted in sometime but swear I have a very good reason! It is called being a single mom and everything that could go wrong HAS!

I came home last Thursday evening from work to find Boss with a swollen, bloody foot! It freaked me out but he let me look at it and it looked like he cut it really bad and split his toenail. So I called the vet Friday morning who said they could work me in Friday afternoon. I rushed home from work, had to call Mattea to pick Cutler up from school, wrestled Boss in the front of my truck and listened Cowboy cry in the backyard! We get to the vet and Boss is a little nervous, there are no other big dogs in the waiting room but he is not "fixed" and there were some other non-"fixed" males in there as well. So Boss proceded to spray both of my feet as if he were marking his territory! Now let me remind you that there are no other large dogs in the waiting room, he is the largest by at least 80 pounds but still sees the need to mark me! WTF???

We see the vet who is able to look at his foot a little closer and finds that he has a tumor in his foot that he has irritated. So surgery it is. now I talked the vet into letting me take him back home with me Friday night and bringing him back at 6:30 Saturday morning so I would not have to deal with a crying Cowboy all night. Boss did great, I picked him up around lunch time Saturday and was told to change his bandages everyday for at least a week to allow time for healing.
I guess now that this wound is healing, Boss feels the need to lick it and well...he can't because it is wrapped up. So everyday when I get home, the bandage is in 100 pieces on the porch and Boss is a happy as a lark. But not today, nope that will not happen today (at least it better not). Check out the pic:

That's right DUCKTAPE!

I put medicine on it, packed it with gauze, wrapped it with athletic tape, put one of Cutler's socks on it, then wrapped it with Duck Tape! I will let you know what it looks like when I get home today!

Oh, and since Boss was wearing one of Cutler's socks, he decided to wear the other one and one that he thought matched! Check this out, Cutler with mis-matched socks, 2 sizes too small pj's, wet hair from the shower, and a dog with duck tape on his foot!