Sunday, April 5, 2009

Follow the red brick road

Well yesterday me and Chris took the train from Franklin to Boston, mainly to avoid trying to navigate the streets up there and find parking. It was a fun day and I am using today to rest since my legs are sore from the all the walking we did. We were thinking of going to Cape Cod today but a lot of the guys went out drinking last night and didn't get back until about 3am so most of them are still sleeping. We walked the Freedom Trail which is quite a hike since the little bricks you follow disappear sometimes and there are only a few signs that point you in the right direction. We did travel the whole trail and ended with the Bunker Hill Memorial which is the tall building below. This thing whipped my butt. It is a spiral staircase with 294 steps to the top, and for those that do not believe me there is a picture from the entrance area of the memorial and picture from the top.

We took a tour of a WWII battleship and saw too many graves to count. All in all it was a good day. My only problem was that it was a little cold, rained a little on us, and wind was blowing like crazy. They call Chicago the windy city but I think this took the cake it was horrible. Especially when the wind would blow a nice amount of sand up in your eyes from the roads. Well I will post some more in the days to come if I can.