Friday, April 10, 2009

Wow what a day...I actually got my ass kicked today!

So the day started out OK, Cutler was in a great mood, it is Good Friday and work was actually decent.

But things went downhill fast! I had to fire yet another Executive Director of the Spina Bifida Association but this one went fairly well. I guess as well as could be expected!
I went by Mattea's house to pick Cutler up and things were still looking good. Cutler had been great all day and his finger looks so much better. We then came home and ate a little lunch and I put Cutler down for a nap, once he was down I ventured downstairs to get a little laundry started and saw something glistening in the downstairs bathroom. It was WATER, all over the floor. Now this has happened in the past but my Mr. Fix It has always been home to well...fix it!
This time I called a plumber, set me back $200 but at least we will not have a flooded house in the near future.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Anthony was scheduled to get his first paycheck today but since it is coming from ADP they could not direct deposit it so they mailed an actual check and guess what, that's right folks it was NOT in the mailbox today.
So while the plumber is fixing our problems I decided to tackle something I swore I would never attempt, transforming an Optimus Prime Tranformer. They say these things are rated for 5+ years old but I can guarantee they never asked someone over 15 to attempt to transform the damn things. This morning Cutler wanted to take this particular one to Teta's house but he only wanted to take it if it was transformed into a car and at that moment it was still in robot form. Anyways, I tackled this thing while the plumber was here and it literally kicked my ass! In the end I won of course because mama ALWAYS wins! Here is an after pic, I didn't think to take a before pic as I was sure I would never succeed at transforming this thing and I am damn sure not turning it back into robot form in fear that Cutler will demand it be transformed back into a car....

OK it may not look that hard but please feel free to come over anytime and transform any of the thirty others in this house and I promise you will say words you wish you never knew!



grace said...

If I'm gonna have a transformer, it better be Bumble Bee and he better transform himself into a car that will drive me around town.