Saturday, April 11, 2009

1 week down 6 more to go!!

Just to give you guys an update I am doing good up here in Yankee country. The guys are great, the instructor is awesome, and I actually got to get some sleep last night. So far this week I have been getting out of class, eat dinner, and then study until roughly 1 or 2 in the morning. The course is kicking my butt, but I think I am getting it and understanding all the nice acronyms they throw at us. I think I learned about 100 of them this week. Some are easy to remember like DAE (disk array enclosure) and others that just have weird names like FLOGI, which means Fabric Login, why they dropped the N off the end of login is beyond me but whatever.

We have officially finished the first of the two books for class. I feel like brain overload is happening some days and expect to wake up one morning with my brain on my pillow because it leaked out. We have another week of this intense training and then next Monday have a course test with the big certification test to follow on that Saturday the 25th. I dread having to go in on a Saturday at 9 to take a test but after that if I pass I think I will finally be able to relax. It also doesn't help that it has rained almost every day since I got here. Last Saturday when I went to Boston it was cold and rainy, Sunday when I was too tired from the day before walking it was nice and sunny, go figure. Since then every night we get a nice full night of rain and most days too. I think I will have to find a tanning bed soon if I don't get some sun soon because this gets depressing. Well I am off to rewrite notes, make a presentation for Monday and reread everything again.



Beth said...

LOL at you finding a tanning bed. Sweet Home Alabama sunshine is waiting for you!

Good luck on all those tests! We're proud of you!