Thursday, June 25, 2009

What a busy few weeks...

The Turner family has been super busy over the last few weeks thus no blog posts for me. My camera finally decided to start working again so I have some new pics for you. First off we had Anthony's 30Th birthday party shortly after he came home from Boston, just family but it was fun. Anthony received some great gifts to add to his kayaking stash (it is almost complete, 4 more things to go).

I have spent a lot of time on the road for work lately, Baltimore, Alexandria and DC. Here are a few pics I took of the George Washington Masonic Memorial last week from the train station in Alexandria:
And on to Father's Day, which we spent in Selma with my dad.
Most of Saturday was spent at a friends house on the river in the pool. Anthony took the kayak out for a test drive in the pool and we went on a fabulous boat ride.
Cutler is ready to start boating! Ha! No way he will be doing that for many more years...
Oh my, he is MY child! (notice the tattoo on his arm!!!!)
Well for this coming weekend, Cutler is going to hang with G and Pampaw, Anthony is going to River Rats with Jason and Megan to run the Hiwassee and I am leaving for Orlando on Sunday not to return until Tuesday. The whole family will then leave on Thursday afternoon heading to Tennessee to spend the Fourth of July with some amazing friends, Megan and Jason, Katie and George, Christa and J! Upon our return, I will be packing once again! heading to Chicago on Tuesday. This should conclude the majority of my travels for the next month. We are planning a beach trip and Anthony and I plan to spend our 10Th wedding anniversary (I know, scary right?) in New York this year...wish us luck!