Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How can you fall off the wagon when you were not really on it in the first place????

So running, not happening! I am going to try again but my motivation is shot. I am overwhelmed with work, life, family, SBA and others right now and feel like making the time to run is on the bottom of my list. how do I get it back toward the top? I need to do it in the morning, first thing. I need to get out of bed at least 30 minutes earlier than I do now and Just Do It! But that bed is so warm and comfortable in the mornings, I truly dread letting my feet hit the floor. I used to not sleep well and when it was time to get up, I got up. Now I am sleeping better and just don't want to get up. Hopefully the motivation will come back soon, we all know I need it to.
Update on the bully...
Cutler is no longer being bullied, his teacher was wonderful when Anthony asked her about it and they moved Cutler to another table that same day. No longer can the little mean-spirited, red-headed, freckle-faced meanie-pants pick on my precious little boy. Did I mention that he probably out-weighs her by 10 pounds and is a good head taller than her? I think it is time for him to enroll in a street fighting class or something, he needs to get roughed up! (and not by a little girl).



grace said...

Enroll him in karate. It's done a world of good for Gage.