Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Running update

Well I did it Monday night, I completed two miles in less than 25 minutes so I was happy. Was being the operative word, I am not happy right now. I am procrastinating, the treadmill is calling, slash that! yelling, and I have been yelling four letter word right back at it! I do want to run but I just can't make myself get down there and do it! So who knows if I will or will not tonight, we will just have to see.
Cutler update...
His little bully buddy, Reagan, is still being a bully. She punched him in the tummy today and he told me she did not even get in trouble. If you know me, you know what I am thinking...I am going to be at that school in the morning and have a little talk with the teacher. Well, I thought about it and decided to let it go for one more day. I am going to ask Anthony to ask them about it in the morning and if I am not satisfied with that then I WILL be going to the school on Friday morning to speak with his teacher regarding what will be done about this BULLY! I am not happy, but I am pretty sure you know that by now. So if you were me, what would you do? I don't want my kid to get kicked out of school because of his mommy but I sure as hell do not want him to get bullied everyday and end up not loving Big Boy School...I need some mommy help on this one.



Keith and Jamie said...

You need to say something...this bully is probably mean to everyone, and no other parent is willing to say anything. Either say something or Tell Cutler to defend himself, and who cares that is a girl, all the more reason to stand up. I will be the first one to tell James to retaliate on anyone that messes with his Ggie Ggie! Here is the other thing...where are the teachers? I am sure this is happening while she is in the room; what is she doing chatting with a friend...hello teach school, that is what you get paid to do!!

grace said...

Definitely talk to the teacher, but just don't be overly confrontational. Play the "concerned parent" role. And tell Cutler to tell the teacher when Reagan picks on him.

Also, don't feel to bad about the running, I'm going to try walking tomorrow since my ankle is finally starting to feel closer to normal.

Javelin Rockford said...

Ask Cutler to make friends with the biggest kid in the class and together they stand up to the bully. Bullies are ussually scared if out numbered and outsized. I was ussually the biggest kid and my friend was a smaller guy, together we were rarely messed with.

With that being said, the only time I have ever been knocked out was by a girl, I was always told not to hit a girl, even in revenge.

Anthony, Lori and Cutler Turner said...

Cutler's teacher was great about it all, she moved him to another table and all is settled now.

Thanks for the words of advice, problem is, Cutler IS the biggest kid in the class but he also has the BIGGEST heart!