Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Oh So Busy Spina Bifida Association!

Background info...
Most of you who are reading this blog already know I was born with a birth defect called Spina Bifida, this does not define be but may help you understand some later posts. About a year ago I felt some emptiness in my life and prayed to God to help me determine what was missing. I mean, I have a great husband, a beautiful son, house, dogs, great family, wonderful job, what else can you ask for...well he led me to The Spina Bifida Association of Alabama where I began volunteering a little of my time when possible. The events I attended and assisted in helped my life feel whole, as if God put me here to help other people understand that a birth defect does not have to define who you are. Anyway, moving on, present day I am now the president of this association and am impacting lives on a weekly basis. There are times throughout the year where this association takes up a tremendous amount of time and patience and sometimes I get really pissed off about that, but then I realize this is making my life WHOLE!

So right now is that said busy time and there have been and will be many more events before this is over. Here are a few...

· Birmingham Bowl A Thon, Saturday, Aug 16
o Done, raised over $8000
o More than 25 adults and children with SB attended
o More than 250 people in total attended
o So many families were able to socialize together and meet others who really understand them

· Birmingham, Golf Tournament, Saturday, Aug 23
o This coming weekend and it is not looking good
o We have at least 16 teams coming but looks like a tropical storm could ruin our plans
o Let’s all pray about this event as we would love for it to have a good turnout

· Bowel and Bladder Conference, Bradley Lecture Hall, Friday, Sept 12
o This one may do us all in
o Betsy, the VP, is completely overwhelmed by this and I think the rest of us are close
o There are an expected 250 people who will attend including but not limited to healthcare professionals, parents and teachers
o I usually have to head up the lunch time round table event at this and allow the attendees to ask me questions as an adult with SB so wish me luck

· The month of October is Adopt-A-Ghost
o This is just like the Children’s Hospital Miracle Network hot air balloons you have surely seen posted in businesses over the years
o Basically we need some businesses to take this on and sell the little ghosts at $1 a piece
o This is more about awareness not raising money
o This is our first year to do this so let’s see how it goes

So if you think I am neglecting you right now as a friend, family member, or support please remember by allowing me time to do this, I am helping so many families who have so many unknown challenges in front of them…thank you for allowing me the time to do this!

**If any of you want to jump on the volunteer band wagon let me know, we have some committees that need more people and it does not matter where you live as most things are handled via phone and email. I appreciate the support you all have given me over the years and now I need more support than ever, not for me but for the entire Spina Bifida community.


Martha said...

Wow!! You go Ms. President! Its very humbling what you do Lori.