Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Golf Tournament is OVER!

Yesterday was the second annual golf tournament for the SBA of Alabama and it was a huge success. 63 golfers showed up in the rain to play a round of golf for our wonderful charity. There were over 100 people there total including the volunteers, family members and golfers.

Steven Horne is the father of two sons with Spina Bifida and his family is the one who decided last year to start hosting an annual golf tournament. We arrived at the golf course at 5:45am and of course it was RAINING! As soon as we had things set up the golfers started arriving and did not even seem to notice that the sky was crying and looked as if it were going to be inconsolable all day long. Well the golfers golfed and the volunteers volunteered and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time despite the fact that we were soaking wet the entire day. We even raised about $7,000 which is double that of last years event. Next year it should be bigger and better. Thank you to the Horne's for this wonderful event and all of their hard work!

Here is a pic of The Horne's and myself at the very end, very, very wet!

and here is the winning team.

the beautiful Horne family...Heather,Steven,Seth and Heath