Tuesday, August 24, 2010

am I back?

Not too sure yet! I don't have the desire to blog but I do need to try as many of you have asked if I have fallen off the earth at this point. Well, I haven't, not yet anyway. So I think I am gonna start fresh and not worry about a huge update blog as I have no time for that so here's to starting over!

Yesterday a friend of mine and I decided to start training for a 5K, now this is by far not the first time either of us has trained for one but it is the first time we have decided to train together. Now I am not sure how well this is going to work but we are both very optimistic about the end results. you see, we have a long history together and many parts of our personality are very similar. One in particular is that little thing called COMPETITIVENESS! So there is a very good chance that over the next 6 months one of us could very well DIE!!!! and I don't mean think we are dying but really DIE!!!! once that competitiveness sets in we will be pushing each other to the limit and sometimes we don't know when to quit. But we both realize this and hopefully will be able to reign this in just in time to stay alive for a little while longer.
We did indeed start our training yesterday and all was good. the only issue I am experiencing (due to little to no exercise in the last year) is a little heel pain that I will treat and hopefully it will subside very soon. So until next time...


Little Miss Drama Pants said...

We might want to make out wills before we really start training in earnest.