Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some Rants and Raves

OK here goes for my first post on here. Since I have been doing the shopping lately (Lori makes the list I go pick it up and fight with the stupid people at walmart over the coupons) today's trip was the best yet. I spent $47 bucks and saved over $70. The cashier kept saying that at this rate he was going to be giving me money(this was after about 5 mins of scanning the coupons and rain checks). Here are a couple of pictures in case there is anyone that doesn't believe that you can save with the coupons.

Next up is a picture of what else I did today. Lori asked me to make a cheesecake for work because one of the girls up there kept saying she was going to strip if that is what it took and I am not sure that I want to see that. But anyway here is a picture of the finished chocolate swirl cheesecake.
Now for my rant. The other day I was working out in the garage trying to clean it up so I can actually find stuff in there. Anyway a van pulls up and this woman hands me a roll of paper towels telling me that they are doing a marketing campaign and just wanted to tell me about some services they offered and it would only take a few moments. Well being nice like I try to be I said ok(thinking to myself a few mins will not be bad for some paper towels since we were on the last roll anyway). I have determined it does not pay to be nice. Next thing I know the woman has this other kid with her, says she has to make a quick phone call, and he is setting up a damn kirby vacuum cleaner. I am trying to tell the guy that I am not interested and come to find out the lady has driven off and is not answering her cell phone. AN HOUR AND A HALF GOES BY before she gets back, the whole time this kid has been doing the kirby demo. So she goes on about how she can cut me a deal on this one or sell the demo. I keep telling her Lori hates kirby's(for those who don't know we had one that was given to us and if it was up to her she would have set it on fire in the backyard) and we could not afford one right now even if we wanted one. And in case anyone doesn't know a freakin kirby costs about $2,000 if they don't keep dropping the price in every attempt to sell it to, at that price a Dyson looks like a steal at $400. I am never going to understand the kirby anyway, it has like 50 different attachments, who in their right mind would buy a kirby so they can blow off the driveway with it(That was one of the sales pitches)? I guess if you buy one you are not right in the head anyway(Sorry if I offended anyone out there). So if you see this people run the other way, let my pain be a lesson to you. Well I guess that is enough ranting about the kirby salesman, I will just leave you with this picture of Mr. Cool riding his bike.


Jason and Megan said...

Very nice A. I hate sales people as well.

Anthony, Lori and Cutler Turner said...

Rock on A, I am proud!

Keith and Jamie said...

That was a lot of words for you Mr. Turner! Rock on, you Blogger you!!! Loved it; want to shop for us? Kidding, only kidding!

Love ya!
Jamie, Keith & Kids

grace said...

Awesome post A! For a minute there, I was afraid you were gonna say she went in the house to make the call and tried to clean you out or something. But damn, what an underhanded way to make you listen to a sales pitch.

Beth said...

First of all DAAAAAAAAANG at you and your coupon savings and that cheesecake. I'm envious and wiping drool all at the same time.

And please tell me your house is spotless after sitting through an hour and half vaccuum demo. I'd be making that kid vaccuum Cowboy and Boss. LOL

Travis said...

hahaha I loved the post! That was great! I need to start cutting coupons! Heck, I need to figure out where to find coupons so I can cut them... next time you get a sales call just pick up your phone and be like... ahh it's work I gotta go, then shut the garage door. I've got some practice getting rid of those types. You can also do the reverse sales pitch which involves you trying to sell them some junk you have laying around your house. That can be fun as well!