Monday, February 23, 2009

Long weeks and little going on

Well soccer is over, A is patiently waiting to start his new job and I am working diligently as always. Not a lot going on in the Turner household lately but things are sure to pick up soon. We are planning to go camping in the next few weeks so A rolled the NEW tent out to spray it with Camp Dry and realized it is more like a 3 bedroom cabin than a tent. Last night he told me he was feeling guilty for owning a tent so large and that he thinks we should donate it to some homeless people who live under the bridge.
Oh and we had a yard sale this weekend to finally rid ourselves of all that stuff that has been in our closets for years. The sale went well, we made over $200 in about 2 hours and at the end told people if they needed or wanted it to take it, it was all free. This ensures our trip to the thrift store will be minimal.
The only other thing on the horizon is Tannehill, the third weekend of March!!
B and I have decide to venture into the Tannehill world with the sale of our WATKINS products, wish us luck and hope we prepare enough for it.
So, that's it for now! Hope something good will happen this week.



countrypeapie said...

Girl, we used to have a condo tent and we finally got tired of trying to find a clearing in the woods that was big enough for it!

Anthony, Lori and Cutler Turner said...

I am pretty sure we will be down-sizing very quickly!