Monday, March 2, 2009

I was just having an OFF weekend

So Cutler went to Selma to hang with G and PamPaw this weekend allowing Anthony and I to have some long needed alone time. Friday night we ate dinner at a new place in Alabaster, The Patio Grill, and I have to say it was great! Saturday we arose very early despite not having a 3 year old ready to go and headed out to Harbor Freight, Roger's Trading, TGIFridays, Alabama Outdoors, Walmart, Walgreens and Publix! I know....what a day. We fared well for the most part of the day but as the evening started winding down things got a little strange for me. I dropped my Blackberry in my Diet Coke....then I realized I was wearing my underwear inside out all day. these are things that do not normally happen to me, I mean, I usually have my shit on to Sunday.

We went to church in the BLIZZARD (I call it this because we could barely see driving there), I was upset that Cutler was in Selma and not getting to enjoy playing the snow with A and I. After church we headed home to change and hurried out the door to get on the road. The road was slick, the wind was blowing and we were certain this snow was going to last well into the evening if not through the next day. On this hour drive, the snow slacked up, we started seeing grass and by the time we made it to Selma, the snow had almost completely melted. But surely in Alabaster it was still there right????

Nope, when we arrived at home, you guessed it, NO SNOW! Cutler was so disappointed and truthfully so were A and I. So we headed over to some friends of ours for dinner and just hung out for the night. Nothing odd occurred there but shortly after we returned home and were all snuggled up in bed, a car started screeching tires in our neighborhood. Now most of you know that we live in a retirement community and there should never be a reason for screeching tires.

Well, there is a rental house on the corner and lets just say they were having a domestic dispute,
the lady was actually trying to run over the man with her car!!!!
A called the Alabaster PD and let's just say they were there lickety split!

That's all I got right now folks!
Oh and a pic of my Camellia bush covered with blooms and SNOW!



Anonymous said...

At least you weren't wearing your underwear OUTSIDE your pants.