Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Three posts in one day, can you tell I am trying to redeem myself?????

The past couple of weeks have been busy but nice around the Turner house. Cutler's soccer practice is down to the last two weeks but we are still playing in the yard as a family. I think we are going to skip the next session of soccer as I just found out Cutler is old enough to play T-Ball through the YMCA this summer and that made me all giddy! The Spina Bifida Association has finally hired a new Executive Director and are making great progress, our first board meeting of 2009 is this week and I can't wait to see all the progress made thus far. Anthony is still waiting to hear from EMC with a final offer but he has been in contact with them and should be receiving that offer this week. Worst case scenario he starts the last week of March and heads out to Boston the first week of April for 9 weeks of training. Cutler and I plan to fly up a couple of times during that time and I am sure those 9 weeks will fly by! Some of our great friends have asked us to vacation with them this fall in Maine and I have become a addict to checking out some places we may get to visit. Check it out for yourself:
I really can't imagine anything more beautiful that this!