Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Do you remember...

Do you remember the door to door Watkins man????

If not read more and it might jog your memory.
So a friend of mine of decided to join the Watkins team recently and I went to her house this past weekend for an open house extravaganza. I promise if you would have seen her house you would call it an extravaganza too...oh you can see it, go check out her blog...
See, I told you it was awesome! Anyway, I have decided to join forces with her and become a Watkins Independent Associate myself and am thrilled to have made this decision. I will be hosting parties, attending fall festivals, and most of all knocking on the doors in my subdivision. We all know I live in a geriatric neighborhood and most of the older generation still remember the door to door Watkins guy that sold the oh so famous "Liniment"

So check out the catalog at and let me know if you want to order anything. You can order directly online by using my Associate ID # 382014 or let me know and I can incorporate your order and save you a ton on shipping. I love these products and think you will love them too.
If you are in the Alabaster area Friday night or Saturday afternoon, come on by our booth at CreekView Elementary School during their Winter festival.