Monday, October 13, 2008

Catching Up

Well last week is finally over. Customer Service Week, Cutler's birthday, my birthday, and my second camping trip. So customer service week was wonderful and I have received a ton of compliments from it. Cutler had a wonderful birthday as did I. Our second camping trip was great, we actually relaxed the whole time and it was definitely needed in my book. Here are a few pics from camping.

Very relaxing weekend with great friends and great food. I planned to run all weekend but got lazy and decided to just give in and relax. Weighing in this morning made me hold my breath but believe it or not I stayed exactly the same (and that is impressive due to the amount of food I consumed this weekend). We are planning a winter camping trip at the end of December and I am super excited about it. Cold weather, hot chocolate, camp fires, no Internet, no cell phone, what else could I possibly want?

Oh and one more picture:

we had ice cream sundaes at work one day and I forgot to take my ice cream scoop out of my purse so Anthony took a picture of it since I have been carrying it around for a week.



countrypeapie said...

See -- you ARE a camper! And customer service week was really fun. I wish I had been there every day. But I'm definitely glad I was there on ice cream day.